Display your ‘Skype for Business’ status on this new add-on


Lync status: Available


Lync status: Do Not Disturb


Lync status: Away


Lync status: Busy












This is my latest fun project which I worked on in collaboration with Rolly Seth.

The device reflects the status of ‘Skype for Business’ (which is an enterprise equivalent of Skype and comes with the office suit of Microsoft). The main goal behind designing this device is to use this agent to increase the productivity of the employees in the organization. Having these device on the top of the cubicles displaying their status which can be easily interpreted by others, can help the employees to have control over their time by reducing interruptions from others . So, now employees can work in an open and collaborative environment and can have a control over their time (by choosing do not disturb/busy status) on the ‘skype for business’ application.

Technical details:

It has a microcontroller inside the devices which takes data serially from the laptop and then actuates the RGB LED on board. FTDI chip is used between laptop and the microcontroller (USB-serial).

On the laptop, a Windows background service runs in the background and constantly pulls that status of the user using ‘Skype for Business’ API’s.

The outer casing has been designed and 3D printed in view that it will give the device a cool form factor for them to use.